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Robobull Warranty Program

We are the first Indian company to offer a Lifetime warranty on our Premium Category Products. The warranty is designed to serve your device for its lifetime. In case the tempered glass peels off, chips or breaks, or if the film peels off or becomes pale or yellowish - just come back to us and we'll replace it at low cost for as long as you have the device.

Low-Cost Lifetime Replacement Warranty Program

All Robobull screen guard and body guard products are designed to be highly durable. However, with long term wear and tear, you may need a replacement. Low-Cost replacements are available for the lifetime of your device.

All replacements are subject to charges.

For replacement at Robobull exclusive outlets, bring the old product either installed or separate along with the warranty card. No replacement will be given without the old product and in the absence of the warranty card.

For online replacement, logon to to order the replacement. For your device's safety, first we will send you the replacement immediately. Once you receive the replacement product, you need to send us the old one within 3 weeks. Further warranty will automatically stand canceled in case we don't receive the old product within the time period.

All replacements are subject to availability. If the same product is not available, it will be replaced by equivalent or upgraded product.

For more information, visit our website or call us on our toll free customer care number 1800 103 9898.